Robotic Cameras – How they can make drain surveys easier

Drain problems can start as something minor, a small leak or a small blockage, but if left unnoticed, small can soon turn in to significant issues with costly ramifications. Such problems can cause damage to properties and your customer’s bank balance! And many of these problems might not have been so bad if preventative measures had been taken, and this is where you and our robotic cameras come in!

Drain surveys can help homeowners and business owners, or prospective ones, have peace of mind that if anything is found

it’s caught early and will cause little disruption. So where would this service make the most impact?

Potential New Property Owners

People wouldn’t buy a house or building without a building survey; they need to know and be aware of any structural issues or potential problems they could face, so why should drain surveys be any different? By getting a drain survey, they will be able to avoid any nasty surprises that may rear their ugly head beneath their dream home.


If homeowners are in the planning stages of an extension or similar major renovations on the property, they will need to have accurate plans of the drainage system below t犀利士 he ground.

An Old Property means Old Drainage.

Old properties will have old drainage systems. The old pipes are at risk of bursting, corrosion and damage from tree roots, so it’s better to know about any potential issues so homeowners can plan for the repairs that may be needed rather than be faced with any nasty surprises.

It’s better to be safe than sorry; using robotic cameras for drain surveys is a great prevention method, not to mention that it is not as costly as the alternative.

Our WIPERcam basic in-house inspection and our Robotic Cameras are perfect for small-diameter inspection purposes. It can manoeuvre in drain pipes as small as DN 50 and up to DN 110. Attached at the end of a 25-meter supply hose, it comes with the only camera head in the industry of pushrod cameras that features a wiper to ensure perfect visibility. If you would like to know about our WIPERcam basic, get in touch with our team, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Is Drain Relining the right solution?

Is drain relining the right solution for damaged or leaking pipes? there by far one of the trickiest household maintenance issues to fix. They can be hard to detect and, when noticed, could be detrimental and cause property damage and environmental damage. When there’s a damaged pipe, households can get rising damp, attract pests and bugs, and, in its worst case, can cause illness.

So, is drain lining the right solution for such damage?

When a pipe was damaged or leaking years ago, the only way to fix it was to dig up the ground and replace the broken pipe. It was a very costly and time-consuming process as the pipes are buried metres underground, below buildings, and roads. It was a disruptive process.

With the advances in technology we have today, fixing a damaged or leaking pipe can be far less disruptive. Drain relining is a way to repair damaged pipes by fixing a new lining into an existing pipe. This removes the need to dig up the ground and create significant disruptions, and reduces the need to replace the pipe altogether.

Before lining the broken pipe, using robotic cutting tools or ultra-high-pressu犀利士 re water technology, the pipes will be cleaned of any debris and blockages so that when the liner is mixed with the resin solution, it can easily be placed into the pipe. Using air pressure, it is blown out so that the lining creates a new pipe within the existing one.

A UV curing system is inserted into the newly lined pipe and cured with UV light. The material hardens by curing the lining, making it strong and like a new pipe. Once fully cured, another robotic cutting tool will be placed into the new pipe to reinstate any branch line connections.

If you need to know more about the drain relining equipment or process you may need for drain lining, give us a call or contact us. Our team of experts will be able to tell you what robotic cutting tools you may need and how to use our UV curing systems and get you well on your way to a successful job well done.

Ultra high water pressure technology

High Water Pressure Technology – Does it Work?

High water pressure drain jetting is a common solution to many blocked drain issues and will get things back in worki犀利士 ng order in no time.

What is high water pressure technology?

Drain jetting is a process that uses high-water pressure jets to flush out any debris or blockage in the drain and pipe systems. Over time, substances such as oil and build-up from inside the pipes and other debris, can stick, accumulate and compact inside pipes and drains.

The high-pressure water jets can break down these compact blockages and smoothly push them through the pipeline. Using high-water pressure technology is becoming one of the most common methods for clearing blocked drains. This is excellent news for everyone involved as it’s a practical solution that provides minimal disruption, is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, and doesn’t require using any toxic chemicals.

Can people DIY it?

The short answer is no. People may think, ‘if it’s just water pressure, I can use my pressure washer.’ However, you would be wrong. Our high water pressure technology is much more sophisticated and powerful than the kind in your garage when you need to clean your garden patio. Our hoses are a number of metres long and incredibly flexible to allow for twists and turns in the drainage system many metres below the ground.
The water pressure is that high it can break down the toughest of blockages, such as tree roots that have grown into the pipes and fatbergs and blast them away with ease.

Why get this piece of equipment from IMS Robotics?

IMS Robotics wants our equipment and services to be available and affordable to everyone, which is why we are offering the change to rent or buy our equipment. By renting the equipment means you don’t have to own the product, and you can return it when you no longer need it. IMS Robotics will always be here for you when you need us, and we will do our utmost to ensure your satisfaction. If you would like to know more about our renting policies or our robots and equipment, get in touch with us.

Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation: Why it's so important

Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation: Why it’s so important

Trenchless rehabilitation, such as CIPP lining, can help extend the life e犀利士 xpectancy of pipes without disturbing the ground above.
Trenchless rehabilitation is more sustainable and cost-effective as there will be no service disruptions or digging up any pavements or walkways. Traditional sewer rehabilitation methods are costly for local council budgets and can cause traffic delays until the work is completed. Trenchless sewer rehabilitation efforts are more cost-effective and friendly to the environment as nothing has to be disrupted and creates little to no damage or delay.

With sewer rehabilitation tools and equipment that include LED cameras and devices that can fit into the smallest of pipes, trenchless rehabilitation is becoming a firm favourite solution.

Regular sewer rehabilitation and renewals are required to keep the pipe’s integrity intact and avoid any unwanted cracks, breaks, leaks or interruptions from tree roots or other debris within the pipeline.

Another way of cleaning pipes with this trenchless method is using ultra-high-pressure water technology. Using high-pressure water clears the pipelines of any potential blockages and deposits. High-pressure water is an environmentally friendly option as it doesn’t involve using any chemicals and can effectively clean any grease, blockage, or debris from the drains without causing any damage.

Take a look at our CLEANERbasic, used with our Micropremium flex modular system; the CLEANERbasic has up to 2,500 bar water pressure and can be used in all pipe materials with nominal diameters from DN 100 to DN 250. Different nozzles are available depending on the nature and planned work.

Our UV Curing systems for CIPP lining are reliable for curing liners using UV light. We have a range of UV curing systems you can choose from; you can view our range here.

If there are other trenchless sewer rehabilitation tools and devices you are interested in on our website, get in touch with us to find out more about them and the purchase and rent options we have available.