Advantages of Drain Relining

There are many advantages of drain relining some more obvious than others so come and check them out.

Damaged drain pipes are a common problem but also a problem that can go unnoticed until it’s too late. Leaky drain pipes are tricky to detect, and by the time they are noticed, the damage to the pipe and the environment, polluting the soil, has been done. usually, this meant excavating the area to replace the pipeline, which could create traffic problems and be an extensive and expensive project.

Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to fix these leaking drain problems thanks to modern technology and cheaper. This is where drain relining comes in. Drain relining is a met犀利士 hod used to repair damaged pipes, using a lining fitted into the existing damaged pipe without excavating any groundwork. Drain relining can fix leaks or cracks caused by blockages in the pipes or tree roots that have broken through the pipe, which is more likely to happen with clay drainage pipes. Once the new lining is installed, it’s like a new pipe.

So what are t犀利士 he advantages of drain relining?

Less Expense

With no need for digging up the area, there’s no use for excavation equipment, reducing the cost of equipment and labour.

Minimal Downtime

Drain relining requires less equipment and machinery and no excavation, reducing the disruption to the local area’s daily movements. No roads need to be closed or diverted; they can be done around business trading times, as it is a trenchless rehabilitation method that reduces downtime.

Prevention of Future Leaks and Tree Root Interruptions

The drain relining works as an extra barrier for any tree roots breaking through the drainage pipes and is an excellent preventative measure. Regular camera drain surveys can also help prevent other leaks, cracks, or intrusions before they become a more significant and costly situation.


A benefit of drain relining is that it improves the pipe’s structural integrity and has a durability of many years. Regular inspections can extend the life of the drainage pipe even further.

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Trenchless Rehabilitation

Different Types of Trenchless Rehabilitation

Trenchless rehabilitation is an amazing process not involving digging things up but whenever people think of sewer rehabilitation, they think of dug-up areas, whether roads, gardens, or pavements. It’s not only a time-consuming job but a disruptive and costly one, as damaged or broken pipes would need to be excavated along the entire length of the pipe to remove and replace it. Thankfully now, there are trenchless methods contractors can use to restore existing pipes without digging up the ground.

Many trenchless rehabilitation solutions have been introduced, including CIPP (Cured-in-place pipe), slip lining, and pipe bursting. Each method has the same goal; however, depending on equipment, time and money, the extent of the damage done will depend on what method will work suitably. So let’s go through the different types of trenchless rehabilitation.

CIPP Lining (Cured-in-place piping)

CIPP Lining is a way to repair an existing pipe with a textile liner and a liquid resin. It’s non-evasive and doesn’t require any ground removal! What happens with CIPP Lining is using either robotic cutting tools or high-pressure water technology to clean the existing pipe of any debris or blockages that have caused the damage, inserting a liner that has been mixed with a resin into the pipe and using air pressure, it is blown up inside the damaged pipe and then cured using UV light. By curing the lining, it hardens and becomes a newly strengthened pipe. Another robotic cutting tool will then be inserted into the pipe to reinstate any branch line connections.


Sliplining is a method used for repairing leaks or restoring the structural stability of an existing pipe. Sliplining inserts a smaller pipe into the larger host pipe, grouting the space between the two pipes and sealing the ends.

Pipe Bursting

The trenchless pipe bursting method replaces different pipe types, including concrete, steel, and clay. Using the existing pipeline as a guide, the pipe bursting method cuts through the pipe whilst pulling a new polyethene into place behind it.

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Most Common Drainage Issues in the Commercial Industry

When it comes to commercial business premises, drainage problems can be a much bigger problem compared to domestic drainage problems. Commercial drainage issues can be a severe and expensive issue. Below are some of the most common drainage issues in the commercial industry.

Food, Grease and Fatbergs

For those commercial kitchens, food debris, fat, grease and oil can block the pipes, causing many problems in the drainage system. If they notice the first signs of blockage, slow-draining water or bad smells coming from the sinks, they’ll need to call in professionals.


Toilets can get blocked on a regular basis in one household; however, in commercial buildings, the scale of potential problems that can arise from multiple people using the facilities day in and day out. Shopping centres, restaurants, and hospitals where foot traffic is constant, if their toilets get blocked it can cause significant damage to the drainage systems and could potentially close the buildings down temporarily until it’s fixed, which is the last thing that businesses want.


Did you know concrete can also cause drain blockages? When it comes to building sites, concrete entering drainage pipes is a high possibility. If concrete gets into the drainage system, it can stick to the surfaces of the pipes and can settle in the bends resulting in a blockage that can create a backflow of wastewater.

For those of you who specialise in commercial drainage, we can guarantee we at IMS Robotics have the right equipment you need to fix and prevent any serious problems that can occur in the commercial industry. If you need any advice on our tools, our experts will be happy to help and advise you t犀利士 o make sure you find the right equipment for the job. And you don’t have to buy the equipment; you can rent it for how long you need it and return it when you’re done.

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