Since 1992, we at IMS Robotics Group have been developing and producing solutions for the rehabilitation and maintenance of pipes and sewers in exterior and interior areas. We provide this experience to our customers with every service order. Your equipment will be repaired quickly according to our strict quality assurance system by trained personnel using original components. We ensure you are kept fully briefed, your contact person will share information about the status / progress of work at any time. And, if necessary, will organise replacement equipment or rental models to enable your work to continue. In this situation, pick-up and delivery are both possible.

IMS Robotics is a widely known company that specialises in sewer rehabilitation, trusted by many you are in safe hands. We also make sure to put your needs first that’s why we offer servicing and repairs as well as renting & buying so that it makes our robots more assessable to everyone and anyone that needs our services.
The IMS group of companies is there for you worldwide. In addition to our locations in Germany and Switzerland, our sales companies ensure that our customers enjoy the best IMS service wherever you happen to be. We are supported by around 40 dealerships in 30 countries. we are also internationally positioned with subsidiary and affiliated companies in Germany, Europe and beyond.
Services & Repairs


Do you have damage on a product from IMS Robotics Group, or would you like to have your equipment serviced or repaired? Please provide us with more detailed information below. We will process your request as quickly as possible.