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IMS Robotics Group specialises in the development, construction and manufacture of robots for sewer rehabilitation. The company is internationally well positioned and is among the world market leaders in the field of house connection robots. IMS Robotics Group is proud of its high product and production depth and the global marketing of its self-developed systems. 

The final production of products takes place at IMS headquarters in Ottendorf-Okrilla near Dresden. IMS Robotics Group receives supplies from a network of professional and reliable partner companies, and essential components from its own subsidiaries and affiliates.

IMS Robotics Group works closely with its customers and suppliers; sharing knowledge and experiences to ensure user-friendly handling and that products are utilised to their full capacity.

Knowledge improves technology. Feedback and ideas become products. And working together brings success.

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Represented Worldwide

The IMS group of companies is there for you worldwide. In addition to our locations in Germany and Switzerland, our sales companies ensure that our customers enjoy the best IMS service wherever you happen to be. We are supported by around 40 dealerships in 30 countries. 

IMS UK Robotics Group is internationally positioned with subsidiary and affiliated companies in Germany, Europe and beyond.

IMS UK Robotics Group maintains a wide network of reliable and highly professional partner companies to further develop, manufacture, service and sell its product portfolio.

Sewer Rehabilitation

IMS Robotics GmbH

Heart and soul of the IMS Robotics Group located in Ottendorf-Okrilla, where all systems are developed and manufactured.

Sewer Rehabilitation

IMS Robotics International GmbH

Serves as the sales organisation of the IMS Robotics Group for the important markets in Asia and North America.

German cutting tools UK

Kardiam Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH

Kardiam manufactures diamond cutting tools for the sewer rehabilitation industry - not solely for cutting robots of the IMS Robotics Group.


Hurricane Trenchless Technologie GmbH

Hurricane is a full-range provider for the sewer rehabilitation and underground infrastructure and an innovation centre within the IMS Robotics Group.



ILZ manufactures CNC and turned parts for the systems of the IMS Robotics Group and external clients. 


IMS Pipe Technology AG

The sales and service organisation for the products of the IMS Robotics Group in Switzerland. Serves also as one-stop-shop for the sewer rehabilitation.


Dantec s.r.l

Through the experienced team of Dantec, the IMS Robotics Group furnishes the Italian market not only with IMS systems but, also, with other equipment and consumables. 


L3 Reseaux S.A.S

L3 Reseaux represents the IMS Robotics Group in the French market and especially focuses on UV solutions but, also, sells consumables for the sewer rehabilitation.

Sewer Rehabilitation

Alpha Logic SP. z.o.o

To include the development and production of control boards for our sophisticated cutting robots into the IMS Robotics Group we have established Alpha Logic in Poland.

Sewer Rehabilitation

IMS Asia Pacific Robotic Ltd

Jointly with our distributor Shenzhen Schroder Industrial, we have established IMS Asia Pacific Robotics to represent our brand in the Asian markets. 

Sewer Rehabilitation

IMS Robotics UK Ltd

Alongside the rental service, provides full technical service support and sales services for the full range of equipment including house connection cutting robots, main line cutting robots, UV curing equipment and ultra-high water jetting technology.

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Sewer Rehabilitation

IMS Pipe Vision d.o.o

The establishment of IMS Pipe Vision marks the integration of the manufacturing company for the push camera system WIPERcam into the IMS Robotics Group.

About our UK Robotics


UV Curing Systems

UV 12000 Compact

The UV 12000 Compact UV curing system enables trenchless rehabilitation of main sewers with nominal diameters up to DN 1600 and is compatible with different light sources, which are selected according to the size of the main sewer and have an output of 12 x 400 to 12 x 1000 watts. 

MICRO S light plus

House Installations

Micro S Light

The proven technology of the MICRO series can also be found in our MICRO S cutting robots. These can also be used in nominal diameters between DN 75 and DN 250 and are therefore particularly suitable for small house connections. In combination with the outstanding bendability of 90° from DN 100 and the colour camera with LED, you get the ideal entry-level model.

Drive 4

Main Sewer

Drive 4

The flexible DRIVE 4 cutting robot with significantly increased performance makes it possible to remove deposits from small DN 150 to DN 400 main sewers and small sewage collectors as well as to open inlets after liner rehabilitation. The integrated colour camera with LED illumination guarantees excellent control and offers an optimal view during the cutting process.


Ultra-high pressure (UHP) water technology


There are various procedures for the effective removal of deposits in the main sewer. On the one hand, the pipe can be cleaned by means of cutting robots. A more economical alternative to this is cutting by means of ultra-high pressure (UHP) water technology. With the Cleaner UHP set, you can remove deposits of lime, concrete, or root ingrowths