Ultra high water pressure technology

High-pressure Water Pipe Technology

The key to an efficient pipe is ensuring that it’s free and clean from debris, but for it to stay efficient, it needs to be kept on top of to avoid any costly emergencies. High-pressure water pipe technology CLEANERbasic can remove deposits, concrete and other materials with a water pressure of up to 2,500 bar.

Benefits of high-pressure cleaning

Flushes the system

High-pressure cleaning can break up blockages such as grease, sludge, and debris and gets everything running smoothly again.

Good for the environment

Using the water pressure alone can be a good option when being environmentally conscious as it doesn’t use any chemicals, and using water pressure can effectively tackle blockages.

Keeps pipe integrity intact

With no heavy-duty equipment or chemicals needed with High-pressure water pipe technology cleaning, we can keep the pipes’ integrity intact and minimise the risk of pipe corrosion or damage.

Our CLEANERbasic can be used in all pipe materials with diameters from DN 100 to DN 250 with different nozzles to suit whatever jobs you have planned. You can view the product details here if you would like to know more about our CLEANERbasic.
If you want to see a demonstration or rent the equipment, you can have a consultation with a member of our rental park staff, who will be happy to help you.

Benefits of UV Curing Systems

Benefits of UV Curing systems

The benefits of UV Curing Systems include being the noninvasive way to line pipe works. There are different curing methods for CIPP lining for sewer rehabilitation, such as hot curing, steam curing, UV curing and UV LED curing.

How does UV Curing work?

The liner is pulled through the pipe and then gently blown open using a packer and compressed air. Once fully inflated, the liner is tight to the pipe walls, ready for the light source to be pushed through one end of the pipe, inspecting the condition of the lining as it goes. Once approved, the light source is pulled back through the pipe and will start the curing process with ultraviolet light.

What are the benefits of UV curing systems?

No disruptions

UV Curing robots access pipes through manholes and therefore don’t require roads, fields or gardens to be dug up or disrupted.

Fast cure times

UV Curing can service approximately 5ft of pipe per minute, meaning less dow犀利士 ntime in local utility services for residents nearby. However, the time can differ depending on the lining thickness.

Quick and easy inspection

The UV light sources have a camera at the end of their attachments and, therefore, can quickly spot any problems, wrinkles in the lining or folds before curing begins. Other curing methods only enable lining inspection once it is fixed and hardened.


When UV Curing, the cured and hardened lining creates a new pipe. There’s no need for pre-lining or grout application to stop infiltration. UV Curing can be done in fewer steps as opposed to other curing methods.

You can view our products here or in our latest product catalogue to learn more about our UV Curing systems and their specifications. If you have any questions about the benefits of UV curing Systems, get in touch with us, and one of our team will be happy to help.

Micro Premium Flex

Meet the MICROpremium Flex

The MICROpremium flex is a new generation ultra high-pressure robotic cutter machine. It’s an all-in-one unique system with one cable drum and one control unit for milling/cutting work, ultra-high water jetting and rehabilitation operations.

The ultra-high-pressure head cleaner can be used in DN 100 to DN 250 and uses a maximum water pressure of up to 2,500 bar. It has a clamping unit for cleaner fixation when in the pipes. With a rotating and swivelling head, a colour camera with an adjustable LED and a wiper, you will get a clear visual of the problem at hand.

The MICROmotion cutting module can be used in DN 150 to DN 400 and has a pneumatic pressure rail for better stability within the pipe. Its rotor head can swivel and rotate to suit any angle and can precisely open laterals after liner installation.

The MICROpremium cutting module used in DN 80 to DN 250 has swivelling and rotating cutter head for additional flexibility with a colour camera with LED for visibility. It has a flexible bend of up to 90 degrees from DN 100 and a carbide granulate cutting tool.

For a full demonstration of how each cutting tool works within the pipe, you can view the video below:

You can also check out how PBF drainage and Ant Hire Solutions have witnessed the MICROpremium flex at work and how cutting-edge the equipment is here.

If you would like to find out more about the MICROpremium flex, you can take a look at the specifications here. If you have any questions, get in touch with us and one of our team will happily answer them for you. You also have the option to hire our e犀利士 quipment before purchasing, for more information about hiring any of our equipment, head over to our hire and sales page.

Benefits of renting Sewer robots

Benefits of renting sewer rehabilitation equipment from IMS Robotics UK

The main thing you want when looking at either new products or adding to your existing list of equipment in your arsenal is flexibility. IMS Robotics UK can help you with this.

The more equipment your team has at their disposal, the more jobs and the more variety of work you are able to do. So whether you’re looking to rent our equipment or trying 犀利士 and test our products before making a purchase, we are happy to maintain flexibility to suit our customers.

With our simple renting process for all of our product lines, we can ensure you have the right equipment for the right job. So, how does it work?

You can select pieces of equipment from our portfolio you can get all the benefits of renting sewer robots with IMS Robotics including access to our Micro Cutting robots, Mainline Cutting robots, UV Curing Systems and cutting tools to suit all jobs, whether it’s for the maintenance and rehabilitation of house installations, main sewer installations, or cleaning.

If you’re not sure which piece of equipment will suit the job you need it for, you can call us for a consultation with one of our rental park staff who will be happy to advise you.

Once you’ve submitted your enquiry by email or phone, you can choose whether to pick up the equipment via one of our many rental units or have it delivered directly to you. From there, you will be given a detailed briefing via one of our IMS teams on how to use the product if your knowledge is limited or it’s one you’ve not tried before.

By renting our products you can be sure that your business is as economical as possible at all times. If the product you’re renting isn’t in your arsenal, it’s an excellent way to try before you buy, allowing your team to get acquainted with the product and you can be sure that it’s suitable for the job.

Before enquiring about renting our products please look at our rental conditions. You can view this here. Be sure to enquire about renting our products as far in advance as possible as we might not always have the products available at all times.

We hope that you understand the benefits of renting sewer robots with IMS Robotics if you have any more questions feel free to contact us.