Benefits of UV Curing Systems

Benefits of UV Curing systems

The benefits of UV Curing Systems include being the noninvasive way to line pipe works. There are different curing methods for CIPP lining for sewer rehabilitation, such as hot curing, steam curing, UV curing and UV LED curing.

How does UV Curing work?

The liner is pulled through the pipe and then gently blown open using a packer and compressed air. Once fully inflated, the liner is tight to the pipe walls, ready for the light source to be pushed through one end of the pipe, inspecting the condition of the lining as it goes. Once approved, the light source is pulled back through the pipe and will start the curing process with ultraviolet light.

What are the benefits of UV curing systems?

No disruptions

UV Curing robots access pipes through manholes and therefore don’t require roads, fields or gardens to be dug up or disrupted.

Fast cure times

UV Curing can service approximately 5ft of pipe per minute, meaning less dow犀利士 ntime in local utility services for residents nearby. However, the time can differ depending on the lining thickness.

Quick and easy inspection

The UV light sources have a camera at the end of their attachments and, therefore, can quickly spot any problems, wrinkles in the lining or folds before curing begins. Other curing methods only enable lining inspection once it is fixed and hardened.


When UV Curing, the cured and hardened lining creates a new pipe. There’s no need for pre-lining or grout application to stop infiltration. UV Curing can be done in fewer steps as opposed to other curing methods.

You can view our products here or in our latest product catalogue to learn more about our UV Curing systems and their specifications. If you have any questions about the benefits of UV curing Systems, get in touch with us, and one of our team will be happy to help.

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