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Keeping your sewer rehabilitation equipment up to scratch

There’s nothing worse than starting your day preparing for a job and finding that the equipment you need is dirty, has wear and tear, or has completely malfunctioned. Although our sewer rehabilitation and repair tools are built to withstand rough environments, they’re not unbreakable. Cleaning your equipment regularly and thoroughly can help keep your equipment in top form for longer, can help you avoid costly repairs or replacements, and avoid any delays or cancellations to jobs you have lined up. Here are some tips below on maintaining your sewer rehabilitation equipment.

The manual is your friend

All your equipment comes with a manual containing product-specific information and care instructions. Check the manual if you need clarification on how 犀利士 a specific part of the equipment needs to be cleaned or what you’ll need to ensure you get the most out of your equipment’s service life.


As mentioned above, there’s nothing worse than coming to work to get the equipment ready and loaded for a morning job to find it dirty and needed cleaning before you can start your day. Not only does this take time to rectify before your day can start, but it might also result in a delay that pushes your whole schedule behind. Make sure your equipment is cleaned regularly, either in between jobs or at the end of the last job of the day, whatever routine works for you and your team.

Avoid minor issues from becoming big ones

Before starting any job, check your sewer rehabilitation equipment for any damage. Even minor issues like tears can get worse if left to get worse.

Always have spares

Whether you’re on the job or back at base, ensure that you have spares ready and waiting for those impromptu moments. If you aren’t prepared for the worst, you run the risk of damaging the sewer rehabilitation equipment and the utilities you’re working on.

Get it serviced

The best way to extend the service life of your sewer rehabilitation equipment is to get it professionally services every once in a while. Wear and tear are expected over time, but you can’t go wrong when you have a team that can service your equipment to get it in tip-top condition.

Our professional IMS Robotics team can service and repair your sewer rehabilitation equipment with trained personnel using original components, ensuring a quick resolution. We will keep you fully informed, and your contact person will update you on the status/progress of work at any time.
If you still have an ongoing job, we can organise replacement equipment or rental models you can use whilst your equipment gets serviced or repaired so your work can continue with minimal disruption or delays. If you would like to organise a service or repair with us, you can fill in the form here.

We hope this helps you in Maintaining your sewer rehabilitation equipment if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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